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دانلود فیلم Husband for Hire 2008

دانلود فیلم Husband for Hire (2008)

Husband for Hire (2008)


خلاصه انگلیسی

Victor Diaz's youngest daughter Lola must marry a man approved by her dad before her approaching birthday to cash, or loose forever, a fat trust fund her mother put aside. So she picks up hunky day laborer Jesus, offering him $100,000 a year to play the part after a make-over to Victor's taste. Then she gradually learns he's no Latino but a 'would be' musician Bo, and the pair starts falling in love. Meanwhile his fiancée and her fiancé Marco, hand-picked by her father to help in the business an

  • Nadine Velazquez - نیدین ولاسکز Tempestt Bledsoe - تمپست بلدسو Mark Consuelos - مارک کانسوئلوس

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