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دانلود فیلم Tellement proches 2009

دانلود فیلم Tellement proches (2009)

Tellement proches (2009)


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Ever heard your mother say, "Be careful, honey, when you marry, you also marry the family"? When Alain married Nathalie, he wasn't quite aware of the extra baggage that came along in the happy-ever-after equation: her family. Saturday night means dinner at his brother-in-law's, but Alain has reached his limit. He's sick of his brother-in-law's life advice, sick of his niece's soporific pretentious pre-dinner singing recitals, sick of watching an old wedding video for the millionth time, and defi

  • Vincent Elbaz - ونسان الباز François-Xavier Demaison - فرانسوا-زاویه دومزون Isabelle Carré - ایزابل کاره

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