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دانلود فیلم Y todos arderán 2023

دانلود فیلم Y todos arderán (2023)

Y todos arderán (2023)


خلاصه انگلیسی

In a small village in Leon, Spain, María José (Macarena Gomez) prepares to end her life after failing to get over the suicide of her bullied son years before. Everything changes when she receives a visit from Lucía, a strange little girl who could be connected to a local legend about stopping an impending apocalypse. With the enigmatic girl by her side, María José faces the corrupt community, overloaded with sadistic secrets and immoral lies.

  • Rodolfo Sancho - Macarena Gómez - ماکاره‌نا گومس
  • Macarena Gómez - ماکاره‌نا گومس Rodolfo Sancho - Rubén Ochandiano - Fernando Cayo - فرناندو کایو

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